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Saturday, March 28th 2015

9:48 AM

Self Awareness

Last weekend, I volunteered and spoke at the BIL Conference. I first started with BIL in 2014. I got onstage and spoke in front of people for the first time. It was scary and invigorating all at the same time. I left that stage wanting to do it again and again and again. And in the past year, I have spoken in front of people a number of times. I joined Toastmasters and started polishing my performance.

Fast forward to 2015. I volunteered and spoke at BIL again. I worked hard in 2014 and even harder this year. I am getting more involved with the conference behind the scenes. My speech was longer and more polished than last year's. I even had visuals this year!

All these good things are happening. My speaking career is moving along - slowly so I have to do something about that - I got praised for not only my speaking over the weekend but also for the work I have been doing. I should be on the top of  the world,confident and self assured. I feel great with all the praise but I am still seeking reassurance. I am like a praise whore, I can't get enough. And why is that?

Because I don't have the self confidence I should. I have accomplished a lot - going from waking up partially paralyzed to getting rid of my cane. I have published five books and am beginning a career as a motivational speaker and author. I have done more than many people. I have to realize how valuable I am.

And I think many of us are in the same boat. We look at the accomplishments of others and fail to see how great we are. In my local  library there are over 300 books on developing self confidence. I think it is time I started to read some of them.

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Saturday, February 7th 2015

12:52 PM

Two Weeks Gone

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It was two weeks ago tomorrow when I started this new plan. I am not impressed with myself really. I did do more exercise this week than last although I am stlll being lazy and not doing it all - letting my mind tell my body  to stop when I could go further.

I have managed to stay away from dairy, grains and junk food BUT I did drink alcohol. So I have to work harder at that.

Hopefully, this week will be better.


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Wednesday, February 4th 2015

7:45 AM

Not Impressed

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I am not impressed with my performance with the TapouT. My first week was a washout but Sunday, the start of my second week, I did the entire workout. Thought I was on a roll. Next day, 20 miniutes. Okay, five times more than I did the previous week. Yesterday, 10 minutes and today 10 minutes. Tomorrow morning I may or may not do anything - I have a late Toastmasters' meeting tonight and one in the morning tomorrow. I may end up having to skip the morning routine and get back at it on Friday.

Hopefully, next week I'll do better. I have lost four pounds though so I guess I shouldn't complain. Only 70 or 75 more to go! 
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Friday, January 30th 2015

9:08 AM

Rough Start

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My new exercise program hasn't gotten off to the best start in its first week. I hurt my back so I have taken the last two days off. And tomorrow is a rest day though I may do the workout I was supposed to do today, tomorrow and reorganize the schedule. I'll see.

In one of my speeches I tell people to draw on the strength they have shown in the past in order to be strong today. If you have to kick a bad habit, restructure your life or anything else, you can do it. And yesterday I had an 'aha' moment. I have shown strength in the past, I have gotten through things that might weaken many others so getting into an extreme workout program, getting rid of the harmful foods in my diet, working harder and smarter on my career should be a breeze!

Easie peasie as they say. Now to just do it.
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Monday, January 26th 2015

7:35 AM

Well, I Started

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Yesterday, I woke up early, took my measurements, weighed myself, had 1/2 a banana then started the workout. It was Cross Core Combat on the schedule. I got the warm up done and then five minutes. Ok, I started. Today I had Strenth & Force Upper to do. Warm up and 9 minutes of exercise. It said ten on the counter on the DVD but I skipped one exercise. Later today I have to do Ultimate Abs.

Tomorrow is Plyo XT - intense leg workout. I wonder how long I'll last there?

Nutrition is VERY important. All this working out (all right, I am getting to the all part. LOL) is worthless if I don't feed my body right. Five to six small meals a day. Eat 'clean' - no processed foods, natural foods in as close to their original state as possible, lots of vegies and fresh, clean water - and I don't overeat. I do use sugar substitutes and water flavourings. So my diet isn't perfect but that's okay too.

Onward to less fat, more muscle and a gorgeous body.

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Thursday, January 22nd 2015

1:46 PM

Here We Go Again

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I'm at it again. I bought TapouT XT, an extreme exercise program based on MMA. I have looked over some of the DVDs - I received 15 - and it looks like I will be working my butt off! 

My main problem is that I am not consistent. I start these things then quit. So I have to be consistent and the way to do that is to start with the warm ups then do five or ten minutes for the first day. Increase every day or in this case every week. You see, I am doing different workouts every day. 

I am going to get up earlier, around 6:30, and start my daily workout at 7:00 am. That way, I won't have an excuse for not doing it. Exercise, nutritional eating both have to become of utmost importance to me. And they are. I am already using hypnosis videos I've found on youtube to inspire me to get exercising, stay exercising and to eat right.

I start Sunday which is also when I will take photos, weigh myself and take measurements. I will also let you know how the first day goes. 

See ya Sunday!
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Thursday, December 4th 2014

11:05 AM

Musicians Friend

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Tuesday, November 25th 2014

9:13 AM

Lemax at Christmas Place

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Friday, October 24th 2014

9:37 AM

The First Day...

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Of the rest of my life. Yup, it is. And I am going to make my life rock! Today, I quit drinking alcohol. Maybe not forever but at least until I get myself into shape. I am going to get rid of the ginormous belly I have, I am going to tone and tweak and get my body fat percentage down to around 15% and I am going to do it in a healthy manner.

I did join Kristin Shaffer's FAB University this morning and I am so looking forward to working with her. I will take her advice and use it with some of the DVDs I have. In no time, I should be looking good.

As for professionally, my career is going to soar this next year. I am working hard with Toastmasters and am perfecting my abilities as a speaker. Next year, I will be getting bookings as a paid speaker. I've had the best year ever for eBook sales and next year is going to be even better. The online workshops I am offering are a bit slow taking off but it will in time.

My life is getting better all the time and now that I am on the road to being healthier - there will be no stopping me! 

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Thursday, October 23rd 2014

8:25 AM

Once Again

Okay, here I go. Starting October 24 2014, I am going to be a non drinker - that is drinker of alcohol btw. Over the last few years, I've noticed my consumption of the devil's brew has increased and that just isn't healthy. No wonder, I'm having problems losing weight!

I'm not going to kid myself. There are times it isn't going to be easy. When I will really,  really, want to go to the liquor store and buy some rum. But I won't. I will distract myself and do something else or meditate or whatever I have to do in order not to imbibe.

Perhaps all I will have to do is to consider the extra money I will have now. Or how my weight will come off easier. Or how much better my skin is going to look. Once I see results from the alcohol abstinence, the healthy diet and the exercise - I will be motivated to continue. I just have to stick with the program until I do see results.

Talking about programs, I am joining Kristin Shaffer's Fab University tomorrow as well. Finally, I will be getting the information, guidance and support I need to accomplish my fitness goals. 

Wish me luck! 

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