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Friday, January 30th 2015

9:08 AM

Rough Start

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My new exercise program hasn't gotten off to the best start in its first week. I hurt my back so I have taken the last two days off. And tomorrow is a rest day though I may do the workout I was supposed to do today, tomorrow and reorganize the schedule. I'll see.

In one of my speeches I tell people to draw on the strength they have shown in the past in order to be strong today. If you have to kick a bad habit, restructure your life or anything else, you can do it. And yesterday I had an 'aha' moment. I have shown strength in the past, I have gotten through things that might weaken many others so getting into an extreme workout program, getting rid of the harmful foods in my diet, working harder and smarter on my career should be a breeze!

Easie peasie as they say. Now to just do it.
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