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Monday, January 26th 2015

7:35 AM

Well, I Started

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Yesterday, I woke up early, took my measurements, weighed myself, had 1/2 a banana then started the workout. It was Cross Core Combat on the schedule. I got the warm up done and then five minutes. Ok, I started. Today I had Strenth & Force Upper to do. Warm up and 9 minutes of exercise. It said ten on the counter on the DVD but I skipped one exercise. Later today I have to do Ultimate Abs.

Tomorrow is Plyo XT - intense leg workout. I wonder how long I'll last there?

Nutrition is VERY important. All this working out (all right, I am getting to the all part. LOL) is worthless if I don't feed my body right. Five to six small meals a day. Eat 'clean' - no processed foods, natural foods in as close to their original state as possible, lots of vegies and fresh, clean water - and I don't overeat. I do use sugar substitutes and water flavourings. So my diet isn't perfect but that's okay too.

Onward to less fat, more muscle and a gorgeous body.

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