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Monday, May 5th 2014

9:05 AM

Greatest Gift? Or Biggest Curse?

Imagination is humankind's greatest gift and biggest curse. With imagination we can create devices and worlds like nothing ever seen. With imagination, life has no limits. Einstein is credited with saying the 'imagination is more important that knowledge'. That is so true.

Knowledge limits a person to what has already been discovered by someone else. Knowledge is nothing new, nothing earth shattering. It has all been done before.
Not that there is anything wrong with that. Without knowledge, we would still be living in caves wasting time and energy re-learning what someone else already knows. Knowledge is the crucial foundation for progress and the future.
Imagination though is an entirely different story. Imagination is fresh, new and can be so wondrous. When you imagine something, you open the doors to the impossible.
It is imagination that has created the advancements that have enabled humans to go from where they started to where they are now.
However, imagination can also hamper our lives. When we don't know the truth of a situation, we can imagine all sorts of possibilities. Which would be all right if we imagined positive results but more often then not, our doubts and insecurities colour our imaginations and the negative imaginings begin.
That's imagination working in a bad way. Wreaking havoc on our lives and this is where we have to be ever vigilant to control imagination. Like everything else in this world, used correctly it can be so great.  Used wrong, it is destructive.
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