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Sunday, April 27th 2014

9:41 AM

Do you?

Do you ever resolve to live better? You know, to work harder, earn more money, quit spending so much on stupid stuff? And don't forget health. How often have you promised you are going to work harder at eating right and getting into shape?

I wonder why it seems so difficult for some of us to do the things that will help us progress in life. I know that if I eat right and work out, I could have a body that is gorgeous! The envy of women and the object of men's desires. (and some women's!) Yet I never seem to stick with a plan. Is it too difficult? Or is it more difficult to stay the way I am? I think it is harder on me in the long run to stay this way. All I have to do is to make better choices. Instead of lazing around on the sofa, exercise. Do yoga while watching my favourite show. Do other exercise at intervals throughout the day.Stick to an exercise routine - don't flake out.

As for the career and finances, spend less! I have already started by cutting back on television channels. I approached my bank and got a line of credit so I can pay off my credit cards and then I am cancelling one. And sticking only with the remaining two. 

Being a writer is difficult but I am devoting my time now to learn more about promotion and getting my books selling. I am also going to find out how I can become a highly successful, highly paid motivational speaker.

We can have anything we want in life. We just have to find the best way to get it. 
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